I'm Gosia

Welcome to Your Wellness Now Space.

I am so grateful that you have landed on my page that has been created to inspire you to relax, refresh, recharge and empower.

I am passionate about self growth blending four elements together: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I’m here to teach you how to transform and improve different aspects of your life with holistic practices and integrate them in your daily life with success and confidence.

I specialize in the integration of wellness and well-being coaching and Eastern philosophy, I bring together the best of both aspects for my clients.

In my teachings, I incorporate various practices including yoga, Pilates, qi gong, mindfulness, meditation, body-mind-heart integration, stress management, conscious communication, emotional intelligence, self-love, self-care, and many other techniques.

Well-being is the most basic standard for quality of life, and staying healthy is the greatest gift you can offer yourself!

Since childhood, I've embarked on a self-discovery journey through dance. It has been my lifelong passion, leading me to compete in dance, taking part in contemporary dance projects and teach fitness dance classes.

I moved to Ireland in 2007 looking for new life. I worked for several years as a manager and personal trainer in leading sports clubs (including Ireland’s largest gym chain) before establishing my own business for public and corporate clients including solicitors, IT consultants, business leaders, bank staff and doctors. I led training programs, on both a one-to-one basis, and with large groups. I had been travelling around Ireland teaching students how to become gym and fitness instructors and a personal trainer as part of the ‘Profi Fitness School’ program.​

I shifted my focus towards my heart and purpose!

I have always felt that focusing solely on physical appearance was insufficient. I realized we are more than just our physical appearance. I became more and more indifferent to the hectic pace of the fitness industry.

I was looking for a deeper meaning of who I am and how I can contribute more to society. Amidst various health issues, I realized that good health was the greatest gift I could give myself.
Merely staying fit wasn't enough; I had to overcome the challenges of achieving true well-being. Yet, I remained determined to make the necessary changes.
My expertise spans a diverse range of courses and workshops, encompassing body awareness, mindset, energy healing, the art of deep relaxation, and more.

Moreover, I have received professional training in leadership development, presentation skills, public speaking, and NLP, enabling me to excel on the business front as well.
I have trained under many teachers, mentors, coaches and gurus including: Abraham Hicks, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Samuel Jun, Jing Jung, Mantak Chia, Tevia Feng, Swami Nishchalananda, Krishnapremananda, Venant Wong, William Whitecloud, Kelly McHugh, Eda Hardy, Danielle Serpico, Beata Kapcewicz, Joanna Gdaniec, Ewa Rok Zarska.

This project has been a profound personal and professional journey of discovery for me, with many highs and lows.

I established a solid foundation business and delivered training sessions, retreats and workshops on healthy living in Ireland, UK, Poland, Portugal, Spain, France, NY and Canada.

I’m grateful that my body, mind and heart are all in tune with how I live each day!


Find your purpose of life

Access the intuition and inner widom

Reframe unsupportive belief system

Let go of past and live in NOW

Reach your fullest potential

Find the harmony in life

Shift mindset and negative habits

Feel happy, healthy, more confident

Care about body and mind

Release stress and pressure

My Mission

Vision of empowering women and men...  
...to make positive changes in life with confidence, joy by integrating a holistic way of living lifestyle.
I teach the art of conscious living and I can help you reach your fullest potential through transformative experience that will leave a positive lasting impact on your life.
You do not need to know all the answers straight away. Simple first step is enough to start with!
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